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Electrical Maintenance Training Part 1

Online Skills Training is a Division of Engineering Training Solutions Ltd.

This means that it can offer the very popular Electrical Maintenance Part 1 course but using Online interactive learning techniques.

This Online course assumes no previous knowledge of Electrical Maintenance and is suitable for Mechanical Engineers, Line-Engineers, Technicians, Apprentices, in fact anyone needing to upgrade existing skills.

You can still get your (Optional) EAL Certification by attending the 1day practical assessment event and completing to our usual high standard. This event is required in addition to satisfactory completion of your coursework.

Briefly, when you take this course, you will receive your comprehensive course notes (10 Units of Study plus Primers and Self Assessment) also a Learning Pack of pens, pencil, ruler etc.

You will also receive access to Course Media in the form of Online Screencasts, Tests and Assessment to guide you through the Course Content. This is a highly interactive, serious and fulfilling course of study supported by our online tutors, offering help and Continual Feedback so you know exactly how you’re doing.

The course Learning Outcomes are identical to our usual Electrical Maintenance Course Part 1, but your training will be completed online. You might want to download a copy of the “Learning Outcomes for Electrical Maintenance Online” to confirm the course content is where you need to be.

Electrical Maintenance Training – – ONLINE

Here’s a few points on our learning approach

  1. You have freedom of start dates … roll-on, roll-off
  2. You have freedom to work at your own pace even when deadlines need to be set for assessment
  3. Freedom to fit in learning with work commitments
  4. Tutor support gives continual feedback, the keystone of effective learning
  5. Tutor support reviews your continual assessment
  6. Helpful for people learning in a second language
  7. You have freedom to learn at your own choice of place
  8. You can actually get things wrong in the comfort of privacy
  9. Supported Self study develops people as learners
  10. You can keep practising until you master difficult things
  11. Helps you to develop confidence in your own learning abilities
  12. Continue to upgrade your skills profile through the Pandemic

Here’s a brief listing of course content
  • Electrical Engineering Standard Form
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Current Flow Theory
  • The Electrical Circuit
  • Using the Multimeter .. practical tasks
  • Testing cables for faults …. Assessment
  • Industrial Power Supply voltages 1phase and 3phase systems
  • 3phase squirrel cage motors and starting systems
  • Testing 3phase squirrel cage motors for faults .. Assessment
  • Electrical Hazards.. protection against Electric Shock
  • Isolation and Switching
  • Isolation and Switching practice to GS38 .. Assessment
  • Devices for circuit protection .. mcb, fuses, TOL, mpcb, rcd
  • Control circuit devices and systems, AND, OR, logic and Latch
  • Motor Control circuits using IEC symbols
  • Motor control circuits practice .. Assessment

Online Course costs ………. £650

1day Assessments in Lancashire ………. £150

EAL Certification ………….. £55

Prices are subject to Vat

For more details or to book the course, contact