Online Maintenance Training

High Value BUT Low cost electrical course

Electrical Maintenance Training Online

Approx 40hrs Online Learning plus 1day Practical Event

Developed and presented by :-

Peter Wright IEng MIPlantE MSOE CertEd

Here’s the brief content listing:-

  • Electrical Engineering Standard Form
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Current Flow Theory
  • The Electrical Circuit
  • Using the Multimeter
  • Testing cables for faults …. Assessment
  • Industrial Power Supply voltages 1phase and 3phase systems
  • 3phase squirrel cage motors and starting systems
  • Testing 3phase squirrel cage motors for faults .. Assessment
  • Electrical Hazards.. protection against Electric Shock
  • Isolation and Switching
  • Isolation and Switching practice to GS38 .. Assessment
  • Devices for circuit protection .. mcb, fuses, TOL, mpcb, rcd
  • Control circuit devices and systems, AND, OR, logic and Latch
  • Motor Control circuits using IEC symbols
  • Motor control circuits practice .. Assessment

The course content has been developed for :-

  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Line Technicians
  • Technical Operators
  • Production Engineers
  • Apprentices
  • Anyone needing a Skills Upgrade

Electrical Maintenance Training Online

This is a 10 Unit Online Course which assumes no previous knowledge of Electrical Maintenance Work. It begins by working with you to grasp the basic circuit concepts which are required for making the best fault finding decisions on Plant and Equipment. The course has a comprehensive set of notes to be used along-with the 14 online video screencasts. As the course progresses you will be asked to complete circuit drawings, descriptions of actions, calculations and tests. You should expect to complete this self-study part of the course within around 40hrs, but the Online approach allows you to learn at the speed that is right for you and at the times that are best for you.

When you have satisfactorily completed all of the course self-study units and tests, book a 1 day visit to our training centre to carry out the four practical assessments.

Course Learning Outcomes

Every training course should have a comprehensive set of Learning Outcomes which clearly define every learning point which is to be made on the course. Click below to receive further details, or to request your set of Learning Outcomes, or to book your course.

Online course costs£680

Costs include the 1day Practical Assessment Event

Price is subject to Vat

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You could Try these Questions ! here’s 38 Sample Questions taken from the course which will help you check-out the content and level of the course media.

Benefits of Online Training

Candidate with laptop taking part in Electrical Maintenance Course, shows screencast for Unit 4 Testing Cables
Insulation testing, cables Unit 4
Online training offers some useful freedoms

Many learners are now experiencing the range of advantages that Online Learning can offer. There are many “freedoms” within the learning process, most of which are not available when learning in the classroom environment. Some of the benefits and “freedoms” offered by Online Training are given below.

  1. You have freedom of start dates … roll-on, roll-off
  2. You have freedom to work at your own pace even when deadlines need to be set for assessment
  3. Freedom to fit in learning with work commitments
  4. Tutor support gives continual feedback, the keystone of effective learning
  5. Tutor support reviews your continual assessment
  6. Helpful for people learning in a second language
  7. You have freedom to learn at your own choice of place
  8. You can actually get things wrong in the comfort of privacy
  9. Supported Self study develops people as learners
  10. You can keep practising until you master difficult things
  11. Helps you to develop confidence in your own learning abilities
  12. Continue to upgrade your skills profile through Pandemics

1) The Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager will plan to develop the skills profiles of Maintenance Staff to ensure that at all times, departmental skills are available to match the dynamic needs of the site.

Online training offers the option for Maintenance Staff to progress with their skills-upgrade and still fit-in with work commitments while the manager remains confident that quality learning is still taking place. By the way, I know from experience that all good Maintenance Managers have a great deal of interest in the development of Staff and actually, a well structured Online Learning package with the right tutorial support and feedback might just be the vehicle to develop staff into really confident self-learners.

2) The Engineer, Line-Tech or Apprentice